Design Research and Visual Communication with a Social Heart


Stand for Your Cause With a Strong Voice

As a multi-media thinker and design researcher I convert concepts and messages into strong communication outcomes to give you a strong voice. My purpose in life is to spread awareness and activate people’s minds and my passion is to help businesses or individuals do that with great effect. When presented with a communication problem I always aim go to the core, making sure everyone is on the same line. This often brings the best results: honest communication that speaks to real people.


Asking the Right Questions to Change the Status Quo.


About Me


I am a social, open-minded person, with a passion for (visual) communication and a social heart with green ambitions. I am driven by my curiosity for others. Like to share my creative vision but am also a committed team-player and project leader. My international background have given me a strong empathic ability and capability to adapt and learn. When I stand behind an idea or goal that I believe can make the world a little better, I am unstoppable!

My expertise lies in concept design, storytelling and project leadership. My aim is to find the core of your values to make an compelling visual story.

Art Direction
Concept and Design
Social Media Campaigns


After graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven, I worked at green energy company Vandebron in sales where I learned about human psychology and sales techniques. Later I applied my creativity at videomarketing company Metmotion as a project leader and concept designer. Here I lead several videomarketing and website productions for small business, from start to finish. I then started to freelance realising similar productions on my own, alongside making my first feature length documentary, Petrol Dollars for a Different Engine (which is now in production)

Creative Project Leader at Metmotion
At Metmotion I led various videomarketing and website productions for small medium sized businesses and organisations
Vandebron Promoter
Traineeship at Social Designer Cindy van Den Bremen
Social Design
Internship at STBY
Service Design

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