My purpose in life is to generate understanding & awareness by activating people’s minds.

My name is Eline (27) and I am an internationally minded creative project leader, blogger and communication designer with a strong social heart and a love of telling stories. I also am a very involved citizen and vegetarian. Having lived in 6 countries, including Qatar, before the age of 24, I am aware of the differing and beautiful ways of thinking this world has. There my love for people and their stories started. I studied visual communication at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where I specialised in film, ethnography and all facets of visual communication. I graduated with a philosophy and campaign called CreActivism, which is about being aware in every context, questioning the status quo and taking creative action. At the Dutch Design Week 2015 I designed a conversation about the design world and its meaning. Then later in Utrecht, I worked as a filmmaker and project leader at a video production company, MetMotion, where I did fun multimedial commercial projects for small companies. Here I learned how to manage projects professionally, how to work in a team, and how to work with professional camera gear.

Currently I am looking for a new job opportunity where I can put my strengths together with a team. I love to brainstorm ideas together or just have a chat. Additionally I am woking on my first feature length documentary film, Petrol Dollars for a Different Engine* it is now currently in production. *Funded by AFK and Cinecrowd. 

Find out more about my experience on linkedin.