This was my graduation project, or you could call it a living philosophy, which has different manifestations over time. In essence I am still a CreActivist today, in everything I do. 

The Inauguration of the CreActivistic Movement was a moment where a CreActivist, Eline, made a case for the need for CreActivism, and proclaimed the CreActivistic Manifest to a group of 40 people from her network with very diverse backgrounds (art, business, academia etc). Her aim was to connect these people together and inspire them on how to deal with the wicked ‘problems’ our society is facing today.

A little bit about CreActivism:

As opposed to ‘Creativism’, the belief in change and innovation for change and innovation’s sake, CreActivism believes in looking at the world in a more critical and nuanced way. CreActivists constantly ask themselves what actions, or what changes are necessary to create a positive sustainable impact in the complex world we are living in today. The term was propogated by Pascal Gielen, who wrote a book called Creativity and Other Fundamentalisms in which he described both Creativism and conclusively, CreActivism.

CreActivism intends to influence and empower people, on how they approach and want to improve their environment. It aims to evolve in all level of society, and understand and perhaps solve it’s systemic issue, every day. CreActivism, is not a static ‘ism’ stuck in a rock in time, it is open to constructive criticism and evolvement, and is open to all members of society. CreActivism is about the balance between thinking and doing, reflection and action.


CreActivism at the Dutch Design Week 

During the Dutch Design Week, I decided to do something totally different, instead of giving a speech, I would just go into conversation with passerby’s of the graduation show, talking about the meaning of creativity and design, letting them make a statement on the boards provided. It became an interesting chain reaction.


img_2121_day 1




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