Client: Myself

My Role: Research, Concept, Camerawork, Editing,

This research project started off with a fascination with Panopticons (a circular prison system invented in the late 18th century), Foucault and the meaning of surveillance and power. By speaking to a surveillance studies expert, a communications expert, and a man who resided in P.I. Vught for two weeks as a prisoner, I made the connection between the Panopticon, long known as the ultimate metaphor for the surveillance state, to the world we live in today, where data is power.
This resulted in a 4 part documentary, The Data Trail, which explores the meaning of ‘watching and being watched,’ ‘what is privacy’ and ‘data as a product’. The documentary is a ‘Trail’ which is distributed in public space, as a way to make these parts of our lives where data is taken or given by us more tangible.